Prior preparation


  • Start training before you start your adventure with daily exercise to tone your body and strengthen your leg, back and neck muscles.
  • Devise a plan to walk 25 to 30 km per day or cycle 60 to 100 km. Always plan your distances according to your physical tness and bear in mind the distance between albergues along the route.
  • Check the weather forecast before you go to take appropriate clothing for heat, cold weather or humidity.

Preparing in advance to walk the Way

  • Start off with short walks and gradually increase the distance. If possible take walks in the mountains to get used to walking up and downhill, until you can easily cope with the distance you are planning for each stage.
  • Walk with your packed backpack so that you can get used to the weight and check if you are carrying too much weight.
  • Adjust your backpack so that it ts the shape of your back. The weight must be close to the body and it should be centred on your body.
  • If you are unable to prepare in advance, start with short stages and increase the distance as you go if possible.