Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim...

The camino along the coast is one of the most unique routes leading to the shrine. The simplicity of the people found along the Portuguese Costal Way, dignify the historical sites on route and embellish the natural landscapes. Each step of the way is accompanied by a light sea breeze which invigorate the mind, challenging the body on its way to the de ned destination.

Each day there are moments to be savoured and appreciated, where the immensity of the ocean contrasts against the mountains that surround the Way, instilling emotions that will make you hold your breath. The kind-hearted people of the sea greet all walkers in a friendly way, trying to support each pilgrim in their mission to reach the next stage. The Coastal Way has a speci c spirituality, experienced in a different manner by each pilgrim, which transforms each trip through nature into a serene and emotional journey.

The mountains cross the valleys which re ect the brightness of the rivers and streams, reinvigorating each step of the way. At each bend, new idyllic scenery. It is only here that one is able to admire the contrast between the tranquil beaches and the strong Atlantic waves. The sea breeze with a characteristic smell of seaweed that is drying on the sands, brought in and taken out again by the waves is the setting for a perfect painting.

Along the way we witness the personi cation of many moments in life through the sceneries which help us to make sense of many things. Stories are told in the historical centres about those who have already made their way. The admiration and seduction of each moment is remembered, calling us to return to this route.

The Santiago de Compostela cult is present in the essence of these ten municipalities through which the Coastal way passes. It includes different landscapes in a unique route that attracts serenity. This is the trail for all those who seek new sensations, which go beyond the body and provide clarity to the mind. A journey in which the spiritual is complemented with cultural interests and sceneries that will take your breath away.

Find your way...