Vila Nova de Cerveira is the point where you can choose to cross the Minho River or follow it towards Valença along an easy trail, along the banks of Minho, giving broad views of the green of the banks and the blues of the water and the sky. The course runs along the foot of Monte de Goios and Serra da Gávea, bringing us to residential areas in otherwise rural landscapes, spattered with beautiful examples of the best in architecture of the Alto Minho, among them churches, chapels and manor houses.

One point not to miss is the historic centre of Vila Nova de Cerveira as well as its castle, around which the medieval settlement would develop. King Dinis ordered for the castle to be built to defend this stretch of the Minho River, which before that had been easily accessible by boat. At that same time, he granted the town with status of Vila by royal charter in 1321.

The rst hospital of the town was located inside the castle, founded by the Santa e Real Casa da Misericórdia de Vila Nova de Cerveira sometime in the 15th century, where pilgrims of the day could nd help. At present, help is given to pilgrims by local Volunteer Fire ghters and by the local Health Centre.

To get to Spain in the present day, one can go via the Ponte da Amizade, the Friendship Bridge, which passes by the fort, Forte de Lovelhe, a vestige of more turbulent times and moments of war during the Wars of Restoration and the French Invasions. Another option is to carry on in the direction of Valença, along at trails, bordered by farm elds and only a short distance from the waters of the Minho.