Maia is at the forefront in technology and its own sustainability. It is a modern, dynamic and creative city proving visitors with unique experiences. Experiences that will make you feel new again. Experiences associated to heritage, traditions, gastronomy, culture, craftwork and sports, in which you can actively participate, instead of merely being an observer.

You cannot just visit Maia! You have to feel it!

There is a lot to see and do in Maia. Just a short distance away from the Santiago Coastal Way is the Convent church of S. Salvador and the Mosteiro Estate in Moreira da Maia. Get to know the historical centre of the Maia Castle, along with Mount St. Ovidio, the Museum and the Gruta Estate. See spectacular views from the “Maia 360” at the top of the Lidador Tower, visit the zoo right in the middle of the city. Brave enough to try tandem skydiving or y in an ultralight aircraft from the Vilar de Luz air eld in Folgosa...?

There are loads of fascinating things and plenty of surprises waiting for you!